D&D Futon Furniture Brown Traditional Japanese Floor Rolling Futon Mattress 3 x 30 x 80 Foldable Cushion Mats Yoga Meditaion - B8O3ZX0WT

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  • Brand new floor futon mattress, made in USA. Fabric material: 100% polyester. The cover is not allowed to be removed for washing.

  • Color Brown. Single bed size 3" thick x 30" wide x 80" long. Approx weight of 13 pounds.

  • Mattress filled with 90% white cotton batting, 5% polyester fiber batting and resilient foam.

  • Cleaning instructions: We always recommend using any mattress cover sheet to put all over the mattress for protecting, spot cleaned only, then airing under the sunny day, or putting closed to the opened windows for airing and drying.

  • Meets flame retardant requirements by laws. We ship the mattress in a smaller shipping box to lower the shipping rate. After opening the package, mattress is corrugated, the size is maybe slightly shorter in width and length. Original size will be regained after stretching and pulling out 2 ends longer.

  • This traditional Japanese futon mattress is made of cotton batting and able to be rolled up to keep in closet and rolled out right on the floor to sleep on. This makes for an efficient use of living space and storage, easily to move. This 3" thickness futon mat is an ideal to sleep on floor. Moreover, it can be used in multi purposes such as for picnics, visitors, children playing games, taking a rest, massage, yoga, exercise .... You can use this Japanese futon mattress in any efficient places, such as guest room, living room, exercise room, patio, studio, dormitory, mobile house, massage studios and also bring it with you in your car when going to anywhere.

    These traditional floor rolling futon mattresses are brand new and made in USA.

    The color is maybe slightly different, lighter or darker than the original advertised photo. If you need the color matching to your decorative furniture, we are willing to mail out a piece of color sample for you to see first.

    These futon mattresses meet the flame retardants requirements by laws.

    The smell may comes from the cotton and flame retardants treatments after a couple of days packed in the plastic bag and carton box, it is normal to all the brand new items. Just leave the mattress near the opened window for airing, the smell will be gone away soon.

    These mattresses are rated as the oversize shipping boxes, the shipping rate is very high if shipped in the original size. We mostly compress the mattresses into the smaller shipping boxes to go down the shipping rate and save the cost for buyers. Right after you open the package, the mattress is supposed to be corrugated at the beginning to cause the width and length shorter. Please stretch the mattress out fully by pulling both ends of the mattress, and after using a few times the mattress will gain back their original shape.

    D&D Futon Furniture Brown Traditional Japanese Floor Rolling Futon Mattress 3 x 30 x 80 Foldable Cushion Mats Yoga Meditaion - B8O3ZX0WT